3 Powerful Tactics to overcome fear


3 Powerful Tactics to overcome fear

These are my 3 personal methods that I use to OVERCOME FEAR.

– 1:14 Tell yourself things like “The only limits that we have are the one we set up in our minds” or “There’s no such thing as fear” repeatedly and you will actually convince your mind that fear does not exist.

– 1:49 Don’t think to much about things before you do them, just do them with confidence.

– 2:43 Ultimate Tactic, Imagine yourself dying all the time in detail until you loose your biggest fear…. DEATH. You loose fear of Death you loose every other fear. Also read this article I found interesting that literately shows you step by step how to How to over come FEAR of DEATH. http://www.wikihow.com/Overcome-Fear-of-Death

Death is something you shouldn’t worry about but perhaps learn to accept as part of life. If you are Christian you may be interested to know that there is a Bible verse that says that there are enough worries for today, so we shouldn’t get worried about tomorrow. Death is not something to worry about even if you have a fatal disease in which the chances of death are high. If you are religious, you can always pray to a God about the disease and ask other believers to help you. The average life span is 75 years in most developed countries, and you can still live a lot longer.

Thank you guys once again for watching this video on “3 Powerful Tactics to overcome fear” by Jose Luis Velasquez, Subscribe to my YouTube channel for more Helpful tips and Strategies to be able to become successful.



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